A self-exploratory journey into the realms of the unconscious

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The breathwork technique that allows you to dive into a state of non-ordinary consciousness. A combination of an ancient practice and neuroscience.

A 90min session to alter the brain chemistry with the power of the breath. Enter a deep state of meditation for realisations with the help of music, scents and supportive touch. 

Let your breath guide you to discover what the depths of the unconscious has to reveal to you.
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You can get access to the recorded live stream class which will be available for 1 week.

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The Realms of the Unconscious

Would you like to offer a special breathwork session to your students, friends or employees? Every two to three months I offer PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® in Stockholm as a workshop in collaboration with yoga studios or soulpreneurs and as a private class for small groups.

The session lasts between 90min to 120min and it can be instructed in English, Swedish and Spanish.

To get more information about how we can collaborate and bring PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® to Stockholm book a free call or send your request via email.

Who Am I

My name is Lee and I am a breathwork & yoga teacher and digital marketer from Stockholm.

In search of deepening my knowledge in ancient practices I developed an interest in breathwork while studying pranayama with Vanamali Mataji’s apprentices in Rishikesh, India in my second yoga teacher training.

I kept a pranayama practice to cleanse and strengthen the connection to my body and as I result I became more aware and amazed about the benefits and mysteries of the power of the breath.

After moving back to Europe to look for international job opportunities I arrived in Berlin where I was granted the chance to join the first generation of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® Facilitators to become a breathwork teacher. 


“The soft and appropriate guidance, your voice and the perfect timing of your messages made the experience easy to follow and to flow within. The use of essential oils and soft touches to activate sensorial elements and open the chakras is always an amazing support during the breathing process.“

— Danny (34), graphic designer.

“Lee had enough input to guide us through a journey so that everyone can make of it what they need at the time. I really loved the music, space, atmosphere and group dynamic which made me feel that I could safely let go.“

— Andrea (32),  medical doctor.

"It was a very good balance, an objective and scientific view of the practice with the feet on the ground and the openness for spirituality to be experienced together in a group but yet in an individual way."

— Angel (33), neuro architect.

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