the rebirth of the soul from emotional wounds

Born in this huge playground we call life
to play by the rules of reality?

If I were to tell you that reality is just an outplay of our consciousness, would you be curious to learn
how the big kids play in the playground?

Con Cojones
[Ballsy • Convos]

An introspective and triggering game to be played with your loved ones. Designed to create an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding to express gratitude, resentment and hope from a place of vulnerability.

Overcome your triggers in unity to grow together from emotional wounds. Set your voice free to invite your dearest people to open up.

If you wish you could have “the talk“ try this game to create a safe and loving space to talk from the heart with a pair of balls/ovaries.

(Drawing by Vincent Schneider)

Yoga Practice Journal

A journal template with an introspective game to keep record of your transformation process of your yoga practice.

Reflect and evaluate your physical, emotional and mental progress. Through the art of writing down your thoughts learn to see the common thread of your journal entries and connect them to the Eightfold Path of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Be aware of where you come from to know where you are headed towards.

(Drawing by Vincent Schneider)

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