Aligned through movement and awareness

In the styles of Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga I guide you towards a transformative journey through movement, breath and awareness.

Build a solid foundation with dynamic sequences to move beyond the physical body and reflect about the practice in the relaxation with Yoga Nidra.

Yogatribe | All levels - Flow

60min Yoga Flow session for all levels every Monday at 17:00 (CET) streaming at Yogatribe with love from Berlin.

Expect a playful space to go with your own flow in the rhythm of your breath. A challenging but yet humble class for you to choose from beginner to advanced asanas.

Join through Yogatribe or Urban Sports Club.

If you can’t join the live stream class you can always practice with the recorded class on YouTube.

Free YouTube Class Series

50min yoga ssession with a weekly class theme where we focus on building strength and cultivate body awareness. In the styles of Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga I guide you through a dynamic sequence to hold and dive deeper into peak poses.

This class is suitable for practitioners seeking a strong foundation to have the tools to adventure themselves in their home practice. There is enough content for beginners, intermediate and advanced students!

Private yoga class

We work together in this 1:1 session at your pace and level of experience.

A yoga program you can work on and follow your progress to become disciplined and independent in your practice.

Choose between a 60min or 90min session at my home yoga studio in Berlin or meet me online wherever you are for a better price.

Starting from 50€

Corporate yoga class

A group session for your organisation to recharge and recover with a full guided and yoga or pranayama (breathwork) class.

The class can be structured for practising on a yoga mat or sitting infront of the desk to make the best out of the time and space that is available for you. Do it at the location of your office or online for a better price.

Choose the frequency and length of the sessions to meet the needs of the people in your business.

Starting from 50 €

Who Am I

My name is Lee and I am a yoga & breathwork teacher and digital marketer from Stockholm. 

In 2016 I completed a vinyasa yoga teacher training in Stockholm and started teaching right away at a young age. After then 2 years of teaching experience, I decided to travel to Rishikesh to deepen my knowledge in yoga in my second teacher training in Hatha & Ashtanga yoga under Vanamali Mataji’s apprentices teachings. 

I came back to Europe to teach at several locations all over Stockholm while keeping a consistent Ashtanga Mysore practice with Laruga Glasser & David Fredriksson. Now with years of practice, it has become apparent for me that yoga goes beyond the physical body where we can find stillness in the movement of thoughts.

My curiosity to keep on learning and exploring the global yoga community led me to Berlin where I now teach ashtanga based vinyasa yoga classes and breathwork sessions at yoga studios and online.


“As an ashtanga practitioner I really enjoyed the structure and sequences of her advanced classes. She has the confidence and knowledge to lead the class at the same time as she adjust and assist the ones that need support. Lee knows how to create an inclusive and safe space.”

— Florian Steffens (27), Software Engineer.

“Lee-Mei impressed us with her commitment to lifelong learning being open to receive feedback from us as her team as well as the students attending to her classes. It is this commitment to growth and her students’ well-being that makes Lee-Mei an outstanding yoga teacher who empowers and inspires.”

— Joanna Lundmark (38), Yoga Teacher & Accountant.

“At Lee’s online classes, one is able to learn, in detail, the inner workings of each pose, its effect and the correct position. Lee is honestly one of the best teachers I could have ever asked for. Not only is she able to convey a tremendous amount of methods, but she is also a down-to-earth person, who I really enjoy having personal interactions with.”

— Johanna Newe (25), Customer Service.

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